Do you also tend to overpack, always? It’s a very common problem and causes a headache each time you travel. The horror is real when it’s just a weekend getaway or abackpacking trip. The what-to-keep & the what-not-to keep game playing a loop in your brain. The weighing scale making you skip a heartbeat just when you think you are done with the packing? We wish flight companies didn’t have the dreaded 15 kg rule! Imagine throwing in all-you-may-need in your suitcase than being picky? But trust me, travelling light is the best thing ever; less things & more enjoyment on our minds. So let’s get real because it’s high time we became smart packers!

There are so many pros of avoiding Overpacking. You can travel light that means less stuff to worry about & re-pack each time to change your hotel/accommodation. You can easily handle your own luggage & even carry it around if needed. Also, you will have ample space for all your vacay shopping! Win-win situation all the way

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